Toy Vlogger Sindy – 2022 Play Range

This is Toy Vlogger Sindy, collected from Argos at the weekend and she’s one of five new Sindy dolls released this year. She’s had a thorough inspection and I have to say that I’m extremely pleased with the improved design. I wished my ankles moved like hers!

I was not entirely sure how to correctly refer to this doll; whether it be Toy Store Sindy, Sindy TV, Sindy Toy Vlogger or Vlogger Sindy because all these names appear on her packaging. However, a peek inside the mini booklet that’s included shows her introducing herself as “Toy Vlogger Sindy”. I’m going to call her Sindy TV.

Sindy TV comes dressed in trousers, t-shirt and trainers. Her accessories are a laptop, 2 silicone teddies and a mini magazine.

The retail box has perforated cut outs for a display unit and 3 toy boxes. The perforated cut outs are an improvement based on customer feedback about removing the need for using scissors.

Right out of the box Sindy TV can sit and stand unaided in a pose, certainly long enough for me to take a photo. I’ve got her to stand without her shoes too and far more easily so than with the first Sindy Playline release of last year.

All her joints feel robust. There is a very tiny amount of tilt with her head but not enough to produce a different head-pose like there is with the 2020 Sindy Collector’s range.

The obvious difference is the easier movement of the ankles. I count five clicks of stable movement with the toes pointing upwards really well, whereas I can only find three clicks of movement with the first release of Sindy Playline dolls.

These are 2022 Sindy TV’s feet and ankles showing more range of movement:

These are 2021 Sindy Ballerina’s feet and ankles showing their range of movement:

These are the feet of 2020 Sindy Collector’s range with no ankle joints and a slightly raised foot:

I’d looked long and hard at all five of the new Sindy dolls and deliberated for days over which one I’d buy. I’d wanted to reroot one of my vintage ladies in black and purple but hadn’t got round to it so it was for this reason that I finally chose Sindy TV, because of her black hair with lilac streaks.

I added eyelashes to all of my first set of Sindy Play dolls because their eyes appeared very bare compared to the 2020 Collector’s range. Many have commented on their startled look. This doll from the new 2022 range has a more distinct black line on the upper eyelid which makes a big difference; I don’t feel the need to add eyelashes to her and I now consider the 2020 Collector’s range, with their beautiful eyelashes, to be the big sisters of these slightly younger girls.

I’m uncertain if I’ll collect the remaining four of the 2022 Sindy Play range. Apart from the cost at a time when inflation is rising, I’m running out of usable space and as lovely as these dolls are the 1980s Sindy dolls by Pedigree will always be special to me. I love their faces with their subtle differences. They may not be very articulated but they can still produce a good pose, plus their heads can be easily be taken off for rerooting or customising, if need be!

Vintage 1980s Sindy Dolls

In a nutshell, my vintage Sindy’s will always be my favourite ‘ladies’ whereas these new articulated dolls are my lovely ‘girls’.

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