Sleepy Time Sindy from the 2020 Collectors Range

Sleepy Time Sindy from the 2020 Collectors Range arrived today, after I had taken advantage of the recent 20% price reduction to buy another. My first one had met with an accident but more about that later.

A little over a year ago I first discovered the newest range of Sindy, introduced by Kid Kreations and aimed at collectors. I was a bit astonished at the £79.99 price tag + £7 postage cost, however it took me less than a week to cave in and buy City Chic. When she arrived I was totally delighted with her and in awe of the standard of her clothes.

Fast forward a year and I’m now immersed in Sindy world, enjoying the fun within its online community.

I’ve yet to find one person who’s bought Sleepy and not thought her completely gorgeous. Yet she was the least popular of the 2020 Sindy Collection. Many say it’s because of her outfit, hers being sleepwear whereas the other five Sindys have daywear outfits.

I did eventually buy all six dolls and have been pleased with each one. Although I have issues with one of them, it has a head that’s wobbly and always falls backwards.

I know from comments on the Facebook Vintage Sindy Collectors group that several people have had issues with their doll(s), ranging from wobbly head to wrong footed legs. All have said they sent them back for a replacement with no problem but I know of one who sent their replacement doll back too.

It can’t be easy managing quality control of a doll manufactured in China and especially as they come packaged so securely in their box. With many collectors buying two of a release, one to display and one to keep boxed (in mint condition), there is no way of knowing if the never-removed-from-box doll is not defective.

I must admit I also have one Sleepy Time Sindy doll that I’ve not removed from her box and although I am not a serious collector of dolls, I do have a fascination for fashion dolls. My main hobby is sewing, so I happily excuse my doll indulgences as part of my hobby. Whereas I used to sew for myself I now sew for my dolls. There have been added bonuses with my Sindy obsession, I’ve learned new technology that I wouldn’t otherwise have bothered with. I think it all helps to keep my brain active and best of all, distracted from a crazy world.

My first Sleepy Time Sindy doll fell down 4 feet onto a hard surface and her leg broke at the knee joint. Although dropping her was my fault I was sorely disappointed because she was fully clothed with boots on so I had expected her body to withstand the impact. However it must have simply been bad luck. I emailed Kid Kreations twice asking for advice on repair but got no response other than their automated reply, so no help there!

With my first Sleepy Time Sindy breaking her leg it did make me wonder about the robustness of the current Sindy Play Range, also by Kid Kreations. Having read comments about them I understand some of these dolls have broken too and been returned for a replacement.

The Sleepy Time Sindy doll has a dark toned body and long brown hair that is styled into a pony tail. Her sleepwear outfit comprises a short sleeved top and shorts with long sleeved wrap jacket in a pink coloured satin fabric.

Her accessories are a hairdryer, hair-tongs, hand-mirror, hairbrush and pink satin bag to keep them in. She also has a bow style hair band which could double as an eye mask.

She has black slip-on fluffy mules that are kept on her feet with clear elastic bands.

Also included is a pink paper-card shopping bag with grey-rope handles.

Sleepy also comes with the pink heart and collectors card. If you purchase all six dolls in the range you can claim your free sterling silver bracelet. But as they’ve all sold out now it’s too late to do that. (At time of writing this post only 12 Sleepy Time dolls remain available).

I do love the 2020 Collectors Range more so than the Sindy Play Range but it’s probably because they have rooted eyelashes. Whereas their body is the same mould as Sindy Play, their heads angle and tilt more but they don’t have jointed ankles. They can still pose well.

The Sindy Play Range is aimed at children and priced well below the Collectors Range. It is comparatively great value to other fashion dolls, but no doubt only time will tell if the dolls gain popularity to compete with the likes of Barbie.

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