Adding Eyelashes to Sindy Dolls

As lovely as the Sindy Play dolls are, they don’t have the eyelashes of the 2020 Collector’s version or vintage Sindy. They have a slightly startled look and I was keen to give them lashes as soon as I had bought them. I didn’t fancy removing their heads to do rooted eyelashes and so I decided to glue them on instead. This post shows the before, middle and after photos for the lashes I added to five of the six Sindy Play dolls. It’s an experiment, and my initial reaction was that the lashes turned out very spidery, therefore I did add another layer afterwards and then trimmed them down. Having tried the glue method on the Sindy Play dolls I then gave three of my vintage Sindys some new lashes too.

Supplies Used for Adding Eyelashes to Sindy Play Dolls – reverse tweezers, sharp embroidery scissors, doll eyelashes, craft glue, ruler

I purchased the doll lashes and crafting glue from KinsWonders Etsy shop.

The glue comes in a small 15ml tube and is priced at £2.50. The very fine applicator tip makes it easy to apply and the cap has a needle that fits into the tip which is useful to keep it clear.

The doll eyelashes come in 20cm strips and are priced at £2.63. I cut a 1cm length for each eye and trimmed them after the glue had dried. I was able to lightly scratch off the excess glue where it showed.

I applied the lashes with reverse-tweezers and trimmed them using sharp embroidery scissors.

One layer gives a spidery look so I repeated the process to add another layer. Using the eyebrows as a cutting guide, I snipped small sections at a time, cutting the inner corner of the eyes slightly shorter than the rest.

Three of my vintage Sindy’s, whose eyelashes were very sparse, got some glued ones too.

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