Making a Tulle Skirt for Kruseling Dolls

Making a tulle skirt for your Kruseling doll is relatively easy. It consists of layers of 6 inch wide soft net that are sewn together and gathered. Bias binding tape is used for the waistband and a single snap fastener/press stud fastens it at the back.

Here’s how it’s made:-

First I made a sample skirt to test it for size and see how it would look. For the waistband, I had used a strip of fabric and realised a bias cut piece would give a much smoother finish. This was because once the skirt section had been gathered it curved naturally at the waist.

I then sought a practical method of sewing several skirts in a row so that my work process flowed in a way that suited me. Of course this method might not be perfect for others but it’s how I shall describe it here.

Materials for Making a Tulle Skirt:-

  • Cardboard template measuring 6″ x 15″ (or 15cm by 38cm)
  • Some small weights
  • Soft net or tulle, 5 pieces of 6″ x 15″ (6 inch rolls are ideal)
  • Good quality satin bias binding tape (not the cheap, loosely woven type), 5¼” long
  • Snap fastener 5mm
  • Lighter (to seal the bias tape edges)
  • Ruler, pencil, scissors, pins, needle, thread, stick picker

Prepare the layers one at a time; measuring, marking and cutting them. Cut 4 pieces from plain coloured tulle and 1 piece of decorated tulle.

Use the weights to keep the layers in place on top of each other and pin 2 rows about 1″ apart, along the length of the tulle. Measure and mark the centre of the tulle and machine sew the full length along it as shown below, then remove the pins.

Keep the decorative layer side up and fold the tulle along the centre line where it has been sewn. Pin it down if necessary. This gives you a rectangle 3″ x 15″ that has 10 layers of tulle. Sew along the folded edge to keep it in place.

Set the machine stitch length to 5 and sew 2 rows along the folded edge as shown below, keeping long thread tails at each end for gathering.

Gather the rows evenly until the piece measures 4½” at the waist and tie the threads at each end.

Using a lighter, carefully seal the two edges of the bias tape to stop it fraying. It’s not entirely necessary but it does make it easier later on when hand stitching the waistband.

Folding in the ends of the tulle, attach the bias tape to the waistline at about 1cm from the edge ( I hand-basted first and then machine sewed) leaving excess at each end.

The final part takes a little bit of patience to get a neat finish and it’s all hand sewn.

Fold over the bias tape and pin it in place, making sure the ends are neatly folded in. I had to double fold because of the width of tape I used. It does give a bulkier waistband but I like the finished look.

Any gathered stitching that is showing after the waistband is added will need to be carefully removed. For this I used a small stitch remover but it can also be done with a pin.

Lastly, attach the snap fastener to the waistband.

Hand sewing is not my favourite pastime but at least I was able to sew on fasteners whilst listening to my audio book and enjoying the lockdown sunshine.

Here are Joy and Sofia in their party outfits, enjoying a chat and keeping cool with a cold drink.

What’s great too is that this size fits the Mini Amigas doll range by Paola Reina, so Joy and Sofia invited Elena to join them.