Make Slider Sandals for your Kruseling Doll

If you want to know how to make slider sandals for your Kruseling doll then this post will help.

Little Miss Dressy wanted a sparkly, flip-flop or slider sandal to go with the dolls clothes it sells, ideally in a matching colour.  So, clothing production was paused and the idea of making them gained ground.  Time passed browsing the web, seeing what was already out there and again noticing that there was not much on offer for Kruselings. Decision was made to make them. I mean honestly, I asked myself “how hard could it be?”

Here’s how it went…..

Testing Phase

First I experimented with some foam stickers and ribbon that I already had. Indeed, my idea  worked, but my cutting skills lacked consistency. I really didn’t like the uneven, finished edge of the sole and using an emery board to smooth it off, didn’t work.


Chatting to my practical husband and, whose brain operates completely different to mine, he said “a cutting die would do the job in no time……” but I didn’t have one, nor was I intending to mass produce. I think he soon regretted his input, having then got tasked with making me one, and  then cut out all my soles. “Teamwork” I told him.


Four soles, 2 each of left and right feet are needed. On one pair, a slit is made on either side of the sole. In this case it was 10mm wide and slightly curved.

Two sections of ribbon or braid are needed for the upper part and in this case they were 40mm long. These wrap over the foot and get tucked in through the side slits, folding under the top layer and in-between the top and bottom layers. (Care is needed not to tear the edge by the side slits when squeezing the ribbon through them).


The paper backing of the foam sole is peeled back gradually, starting at the toe, after the upper part has been put through the slits. (The sides tend to bulge out and need to be gently pushed back and stuck to the bottom sole).

The bottom sole is placed onto the top sole, starting at the toe, making sure neither soles overlap at the edges. (Not easy if rushed, and it helps to have the sandal on the doll’s foot when doing this).

Once this part is done, the sandal upper is securely stuck between the top and bottom soles.

Next was the heel section and I found this better to manage if I took the sandal off the doll’s foot. Remove the rest of the backing paper slowly, allowing the remaining top and bottom soles to stick together, again making sure neither overlap.

Quality Control

I always want perfection but sometimes have to make do with less than that. What I see, others sometimes do not and at times it really is in the eye of the beholder. But the camera shows everything! Up close is the real test.

Try as I did to get both top and bottom soles stuck together evenly, the final effect did not satisfy my eye. After more brainstorming/chatting to my husband, I got handed a rotary drill, a quick lesson for using it and instructions on how to “take control” of it. It did the job just fine, blending the edges of top and bottom soles together, enough to pass my quality control.

If you’d like to make slider sandals for your Kruseling doll then here’s what you’ll need:

  • Sticky back foam sheet
  • Pencil for marking
  • Paper template of your doll’s foot
  • Craft knife
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon or thin braid
  • Measuring tool
  • Tweezers

A rotary drill is only needed if you want a smoother, finished edge to the soles.

Good luck and happy crafting!